Floyd Mayweather survived drive-by shooting

Floyd Mayweather’s heroic bodyguard has recounted how he saved the legendary fighter from in a drive-by shooting.

The attack happened while the boxing legend was doing a club appearance in Atlanta, Georgia, and the security guard took a bullet to protect him from being seriously hurt

The boxing legend, who recently retired from all competition after an exhibition bout with Logan Paul, was in Atlanta, Georgia when his security guard Greg La Rosa took a bullet from a shooter.

Mayweather and his crew ‘The Money Team’ were in Georgia for an appearance at the Medusa nightclub when the attack took place, but the boxer was unaffected.

“I guess Floyd had put the event on his Instagram page,” La Rosa explained in a recent interview. “It was a pre-planned party appearance.”

“All I heard was a big bang on the side of the car, it almost sounded like a car accident, or as if someone had grabbed a baseball bat and hit the side of the car as hard as they could.

“It was an absolute ambush, you don’t know where it’s coming from. And as I was going down between the seats, I felt one go into my leg on the inside of my left leg.

“Honestly it didn’t hurt, but in my head, I knew I was shot. I said, ‘Guys, I’m hit.’

But the situation got worse when the adrenaline wore off as he arrived at hospital and had to have the bullet removed from his leg.

“I felt as if my leg was in a meat grinder,” he continued. “The bullet was deep in my leg but had come out.

“I think the way it came out is that the bullet mushroomed as it hit the metal to go through the door and it hit my leg and went into my leg with my pant leg and my sock there.

“So as I pulled it up to look, I think I pulled it out, I had a big hole there.

Mayweather, who La Rosa says he has a “brotherly” relationship with, immediately picked up the phone to call him up, but the brave security guard implored the boxing legend not to visit him as he was now without protection.

“He told me, ‘Greg, they told me you got hit. Are you OK?’ He was obviously scared and nervous,” he explained.

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