The technology will be unveiled on-pitch at the Italy vs Spain Nations Cup Semi-Final

Cape Town, South Africa, October 6, 2021 — Global sports company PUMA has developed
ULTRAWEAVE, its lightest ever performance apparel technology engineered to deliver the game’s fastest
football jersey. The new technology will make an on-pitch debut on October 6, worn by the Italy men’s
national team at their Nations League semi-final fixture against Spain. The ULTRAWEAVE jersey will also
be worn by the Italy women’s national team in their upcoming fixtures.
ULTRAWEAVE, which was created following years of vigorous wear testing with PUMA athletes, is an
ultra-light weight fabric that is engineered for optimized performance. The jersey has a base chassis
weighing only 72 grams, with extreme weight reduction achieved through a lightweight woven fabric
featuring a 4-way engineered mechanical stretch that will make PUMA players and teams faster and
more dynamic.
Football is defined by marginal gains. When the game is on the line every gram counts. As part of the
brand’s Faster Football movement, PUMA aims to push boundaries, innovate, and bring fresh products
to football. ULTRAWEAVE is a unique combination of fabric, pattern construction and applications
(trims) that give the garment it’s unique properties, delivering the most ultra-lightweight and
comfortable performance apparel PUMA has ever made in their mission to be the fastest sports brand in
the world

The lightweight woven fabric features a 2-dimensional ripstop structure that stays durable while
enhancing player movement and drastically reducing weight. Further weight reduction is achieved
through a specially crafted pattern that reduces the conventional design of four to eight panels into just
two main panels – reducing the number of seams and stitches in the jersey. Additionally, the
ULTRAWEAVE jerseys feature a new print technique for team/federation and PUMA logos, which is
lighter and more breathable than traditional transfers.
ULTRAWEAVE retains performance, durability and breathability measures with thermo-regulating
properties to ensure optimal performance in extreme conditions. The dryCELL recycled polyester jersey
is fast drying and reduces water retention, which allows for optimal performance when wet or dry.
Speaking at the reveal of ULTRAWEAVE, Stefano Favaro, Creative Director Teamsport at PUMA said:
“Our athletes wanted something lighter and faster to help them achieve marginal gains needed at the
highest level. This resulted in four years of testing and development to achieve the lightest football
jersey we have ever made. Sport is defined by split seconds. Therefore, we identified apparel as a
product that we could evolve to a new level. We felt we could give our players and teams a tangible
performance benefit over 90 minutes. During a game players cover an average of 10 to 13.5km with
high intensity action every 60 seconds. To perform at your optimal level during a game, the apparel
needs to adapt and evolve. Through ULTRAWEAVE, we are able to reduce apparel and kit weight and
restrictions to improve performance.”
The new technology has been applied to the Italy Home jersey for the very first time for Italy’s upcoming
Nations League semi-final against Spain. The special material has been incorporated in the existing
Renaissance Home jersey pattern as PUMA debut their lightest ever jersey on pitch in one of the biggest
games of the season.


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