Nike Unveil PSG 21/22 Third Shirt

aking inspiration from the shirts in which the club has dazzled since the 1990s, Nike launch the PSG 21/22 third shirt, which arrives in a mainly monochrome look with a flash of electric red in the form of the centralised red crest.

Dialling down the colours to highlight the talent of the players wearing the kits, PSG get their new third shirt from Nike. But as if toning down the colours is going to take away attention from this shirt… if anything it ramps it up, with the iconic Hechter centre stripe flipped 90 degrees to sit on the horizontal, with the club crest in “Electric Red” moved to a central position, ensuring that it gets most of the attention.

psg 2-min.jpg

Sitting alongside the Jordan home shirt and the white away shirt to complete the set, the new third shirt provides the perfect contrast. With the black base, grey centre stripe and white sponsor, the only deviation from the monochrome comes from the aforementioned club crest and the Swoosh… which is shifted from the chest to the sleeves. Shifted from the home shirt and now from the chest of the third! The idea is though that having two represents Paris and Paname (a nickname fondly used by PSG supporters for their team). 

The 21/22 Third jerseys are made from 100% recycled polyester which comes from plastic bottles. This manufacturing method combines top-quality performance with a reduced carbon footprint.

psg 3-min.jpg
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